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Utilizing Writing & Photography

Write It

  1. Basic fun with words

    A sentence usually has a noun and a verb. Drag-n-Drop a noun and a verb onto the photograph (Hint: Pick words that make sense to you). Add other words that seem to fit with that noun and that verb. If it sounds right, chances are you've just written a complete sentence. (BTW–This doesn't need to be very long: "Ice melts" is a complete sentence.)

  2. Write a simple caption

    A caption is a title or description that accompanies a picture. You can play around with Drag-n-Drop to write your own caption about any of the images on the site. It is a fast, fun, and imaginative way to play with words and share ideas.

    Check out this example of a caption from the PicLits Gallery.

  3. Try a compound sentence

    Try to Drag-n-Drop your way to more complex ideas. A compound sentence is when you have a couple of ideas in the same sentence. Like, "He is a funny guy, but he cries at movies." (Hint: If you use words like but, and, or or in the middle, you've probably got it right.)

  4. Can you handle a paragraph?

    A paragraph is usually a series of sentences around one idea. That might sound hard but it isn't. Use the Drag-n-Drop keywords to give you an idea about that photograph. Hint: If you think the photograph is boring just use a new one from the carousel. Once you have an idea that works, just start combining short sentences:

    "It had been dry for months. At last rain started to fall. For three days and nights the deluge continued. Then, finally, the sun broke out."

    To build the paragraph exactly the way you want, use Freestyle. That way you can use the keywords for inspiration but can write without restrictions. Remember, there are over 400,000 words in the English language (not including Shizzolator), but only 72 keywords per image on the site.