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Utilizing Writing & Photography

Rhyme It

  1. The Rap (or call it a rhyme if you have a strict teacher)

    Rap music usually consists of rhymes, right? That's because rhymes sound good. Try it. Drag-n-Drop some words onto the photograph that rhyme. Remember, words that rhyme don't always need to be spelled similarly.

  2. Are you bold enough to feel?

    Ever heard of a poem? Poems are stories that (sometimes) rhyme—they don't have to. Writing a poem is like painting a picture with words instead of paint (finger painting is fine). Try to Drag-n-Drop some words onto the photograph that make you—or somebody else—feel something.

    "Roses are red, violets are blue.
    Sugar is sweet, and so are you."

    Remember that it doesn’t have to rhyme but it DOES have to make the reader understand what you are feeling. Got that tough guy?

  3. College-bound (or just really smart-sounding)

    Wanna sound really smart? Try a simile. You (yes, YOU) use these all the time. A simile can be just a simple comparison. When you use the words like, than, or as, you're probably using a simile.

    "He stunk like an unwashed pig."

    You can use these short gems to tell funny, descriptive, or sad stories.

    Use Drag-n-Drop or Freestyle to write a couple of similes that tell a story. Again, they can rhyme or not, it's up to you.

    Here is a good one from the PicLits Gallery.